MWK Bionik® GmbH

Solutions for a smarter Future

MWK Bionik® GmbH stands for the innovative combination of biology and technology. Our main focus is the development of technologies for:

  • the efficient use of regenerative energies e.g. with regard to the production of biogas
  • cleaning contaminated and polluted soils and waters
  • the reprocessing of valuable raw materials e.g. producing oil from plastic waste

The development of the BMT-System, which is able to ferment also materials containing lignin like straw and wood residues in an economic way, is an exceptional success of MWK Bionik® GmbH.

The company located in Bad Endorf, Upper Bavaria, has been founded by Matthias Wackerbauer in 2005 and is privately owned. In 2013, the company was renamed into MWK Bionik® GmbH. The educational background of the general manager as farmer and technologist for agriculture is the ideal basis for the company’s development. Being active in the field of biogas since 1999, Matthias Wackerbauer has the necessary experience of almost 20 years and many international contacts.

​With a wide expert know-how, clear visions and high personal effort, he promotes the success of MWK Bionik GmbH. Matthias Wackerbauer is entrepreneur in third generation.

Our Vision

On the way towards biorefinery

A clever combination of biology and technology bears a high potential. Especially, when it is about the efficient use of regenerative energies. This is the focus of our know-how and passion. 

​Thus, gas is extracted from materials with a high content of lignin; animal waste and plastics are processed to oil. In such a cycle, digestates can be split into water and fertilizers and by this means be reused in a reasonable way. The resulting waste heat is thus completely used. 

​The continuous, productive exchange between our engineers, scientists, technicians, lab technicians and economists, the passion for our products as well as the ability to take a broader view help us to realize our visions.

Matthias Wackerbauer

Founder and CEO of MWK Bionik GmbH

„We provide our customers with elaborate,
high-value products they really benefit from.“

Research – The Basis for your Products

We develop sustainable projects for you!

MWK Bionik GmbH and Uphoff GmbH, offer a wide range of research and development work in order to provide its customers with optimal solutions.

Main Focus

  • environmentally friendly energy production and storage
  • sustainable water management
  • mobility
  • sustainability management

Key Technologies

  • ​​micro- and nanotechnology
  • interface technology
  • micro-energy technology
  • technical microbiology

The MWK Bionik-Group

Analytics and products: Play it safe!

Since 2015, the notified and accredited testing laboratory Uphoff GmbH is part of 2015 MWK Bionik and offers a wide range of laboratory services, microbiological products as well as comprehensive consulting services for more than 20 years.

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Specialist for process analytics and precipitate desulfurization

The company, which is part of the MWK Group since 2015, furthermore sells processing aids like trace elements as well as pro- respectively prebiotics which perfectly complement the product range.

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Partner Companies

Together for your success



Innovations for Machines

This well-established family company for plant engineering and environmental technology located in Ampfing produces the technical components of the MWK Bionik-Systems BMT, HAPS and ABE for MWK Bionik.

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Competent Support from A to Z

The company located in Bad Endorf completely supports the new installation as well as the restructuring of biogas plants – from the initial planning on to approval processes in construction law, the Federal Immission Control Act (BlmSchG), waste and veterinary legislation as well as water law (VAwS und AwSV).

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