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BMT System® Biogas from straw - efficient use of residual materials

With the worldwide patent pending BMT System®, as a supplementary plant component to conventional biogas plants, lignin-containing, straw-like biomass is made available as an energy source. For this purpose, a symbiotic mixture (LignoX®) of natural microorganisms of risk class 1 is added to a liquid manure or secondary fermentation medium of the biogas plant. The two components are heated together to a defined reaction temperature while maintaining a temperature cascade. The hot and activated slurry breaks down lignocellulose-containing feedstocks such as straw. Transferred to the fermenter, the utilized carbohydrates and C/C-compounds significantly increase the gas yield of the biogas plant.

Microbiological effect of LignoX

LignoX® uses microorganisms from the deep sea, which come from hydrothermal sources, among other things.

It is a symbiotic mixture of enzymes, natural, highly efficient microorganisms of risk class 1 (harmless) and active plant substances, the prebiotics. In combination with the BMT System®, LignoX® promotes highly efficient conversion processes of poorly degradable substrate components such as lignocellulose. The highly developed composition of the preparation specifically strengthens or inhibits the growth and activity of selected bacterial species and thus significantly increases the methane yield.

In the picture below: information of the Lignin structure

Implementation with the BMT System

In the BMT System®, biological, mechanical and thermocatalytic processes are combined within one plant and precisely matched to one another. The process engineering objective is the treatment of hot manure with the addition of LignoX® and mixing with processed lignin-containing feedstocks.

The function groups are divided into modules (containers) and connected via pipe bridges so that installation time on site is kept to a minimum.


  • Separate use of cereals and straw, no food competition, more ecological diversity, no monocultures
  • Advantages for the entire agricultural business, e.g. more freely available land, additional yield per area, savings on input material costs, sustainable recycling management


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StartGreen Award
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